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The Very Best Deluxe Edition INXS 2011 DVD + 2 CD NTSC VO



Need You Tonight
Suicide Blonde
Taste It
Original Sin
Heaven Sent
Never Tear Us Apart
The Gift
Devil Inside
Beautiful Girl
By My Side
Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
Elegantly Wasted
New Sensation
What You Need
Listen Like Thieves
Just Keep Walking
Bitter Tears
Baby Don’t Cry


Don’t Change
The One Thing
Shining Star
The Stairs
Please (You Got That …)
Burn For You
I Send A Message
The Loved One
Salvation Jane
Shine Like It Does
Stay Young
Calling All Nations
To Look At You
Good Times
Need You Tonight INXS Vs Gwen Stefani (Mash Up)
Kiss The Dirt (Live At The Edinburgh Playhouse)
What You Need (Edinburgh)
Mystify (Edinburgh Playhouse)
Disappear (Brixton 1994)

1. Documentary
2. Taste It/Top Of The Pops
3. The Strangest Party/Top Of The Pops
4. Never Tear Us Apart/Jools Holland
5. Need you Tonight/Promo
6. New Sensation/Promo
7. Beautiful Girl/Promo
8. Suicide Blonde/Promo
9. The Gift/Promo

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